2019 General Session 

January 28 through March 14

This issues page is intended to provide a brief summary of legislative actions related to the priorities of the Alpine School District.


Impact Fees

  • Restore impact fee option for schools.
  • Allow density credit for school sites.
  • Define schools as infrastructure.

Support 21st Century Learning

  • 5.5 % WPU increase to maintain current levels of services, attract, develop and retain quality educators, and to support ongoing local improvement initiatives.
  • $5 million/year, as part of the 2nd year in a 5 year plan, to attain 85% state support for to and from transportation costs as provided in statute.
  • $500,000/year, as part of the 2nd year in a 5 year plan to increase Necessarily Existent Small Schools (NESS) funding to provide greater equity in educational opportunity.

Support Student and School Safety

  • Support ongoing funds to expand social workers and school nurses.

Policy Requests

  • Be transparent.
  • Be accountable.
  • Help all students to do their best.

Contact Your Legislators

To find out which legislators represent you and how to contact them, go to the Utah Legislature website, scroll to the bottom of the page, and enter your home address under the “Who Represents Me?” heading.


During the legislative session, we will provide a list of priority bills for the students, families, educators and taxpayers of Alpine School District and links to more detailed information.

HB85 Stenquist, Jeffrey Requres a county that proposes a minor adjustment to the county’s boundaries to provide certain notification to certain political subdivisions. SUPPORT SUPPORT
HB118 Winder, Mike Amends provisions related to the use of student assessments SUPPORT
HB120 Ward, Raymond Amends provisionsof the International Fire Code related to routine emergency
HB198 Poulson, Marie Amends provisions related to school overall ratings under the school accountability system SUPPORT SUPPORT
HB206 Moss, Jefferson Enacts land use provisions that allow for density bonus in cases of certain donations for school property SUPPORT
HB248 Judkins, Marsha Limit Higher Ed to 15% of Education Fund Appropriations SUPPORT