Alpine School District Non-Discrimination

The Alpine School District (District) does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, disability, age, or any other classification protected by law in its programs, activities or employment practices.  Additionally, the District provides equal access of District facilities to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups.

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The following people have been designated to handle inquiries regarding non-discrimination policies:
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Safeguarding Student Data

ASD Data Disclosure – Safeguarding Student Data

In the use of instructional technology, Alpine School District is committed to protecting student data. Teachers in Alpine School District employ a variety of teaching methods and tools in the classroom. Once a teacher determines what students are expected to learn, he/she then designs teaching strategies, learning activities and assessments that best fit the material being taught. In the 21st century, electronic devices and software are often (but not always) used as a tool to facilitate the student experience. When used appropriately, technology helps engage students in active learning and creation and accelerates assessment and feedback. The collection, use, and sharing of student data has both benefits and risks. Parents and students should learn about these benefits and risks and make choices regarding student data accordingly. Alpine District will publish a Data Governance Plan in the fall with more information concerning student privacy, including a list of the required and optional data the district collects. Data elements that ASD Applications use may be found on the state Metadata Dictionary or Utah Student Privacy Alliance.

District and School Level Applications

Many applications are important to student learning and school operations. Alpine School District insists on entering into a legally binding privacy agreement with providers receiving student information for the purposes of delivering educational or operational services for Alpine District. In order to operate and provide services, essential systems receive student data.

Teacher Level Applications

For teachers to use many other great online resources, student accounts are often required. Teachers are restricted to share only a subset of student Directory Information which includes the district provided student email address and the student’s first and last name. If application accounts require more than this limited information, a formalized contract with the district is necessary (as noted in District and School Level Applications above). Teachers will provide a list of these optional online applications through their disclosure document or other methods. Parents may choose to decline sharing this student data and, in turn, student use of these optional online resources, and district computers and devices. Declining these services is done through the Student Information Update on Skyward (option available after August 1, 2017) or by contacting the school.

Student Directory Information Release

Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), Alpine School District defines Directory Information that can be disclosed or published without parental consent for each instance of sharing. Directory Information is used in school publications and operational activities. Parents can opt out of allowing the school or district to share Directory Information.

Examples for the use of Directory Information include yearbooks, graduation announcements, playbills, showing a student’s role in a drama production, honor roll, class photos, etc…. Alpine

  • School District defines Directory Information to include the following:
  • Student First Name
  • Student Last Name
  • District Student Email
  • Student Grade Level
  • Past and Present School(s) attended
  • Student Degree, Honors, Awards, Activities, Sports
  • Student Photo

Declining the Directory Information provision restricts Alpine School District from disclosing any or all of the types of information designated above as Directory Information from your child’s education records. Declining must be done within five days of the beginning of the school year, or on the date of first enrollment. Electing this option after that timeframe does not guarantee the restriction of Directory Information during that school year. Parents may revisit this option yearly. Declining this option is done through the Student Information Update on Skyward (option available after August 1, 2017) or by contacting the school.

Student Data Media Release

Student data is sometimes requested by external media (newspaper, TV, radio, and so forth). Schools also use social media and the internet to publish student accomplishments and highlight student achievement. As such, Alpine School District requires parental/guardian permission in order for this information to be released or shared. Media release information extends Directory Information by also including the following additional information:

  • Student work or projects
  • Student comments
  • Student ideas
  • Video of students

Parents/Guardians may elect to accept or decline the media release through the Student Information Update on Skyward (option available after August 1, 2017) or by contacting the school.

Click the buttons below to the “Non Disclosure Agreement” and the state Data Privacy Agreement signed by contracted companies and services that work  with Alpine School District

Contractor NDA Agreement
Utah Data Privacy Agreement

Alpine School District Privacy Policy

Alpine School District Online Solutions are maintained by The Alpine School District. The District is committed to ensuring the privacy of all our web site and application users. This document explains our collection and use of personal information.

Collection of Personal Information

Alpine School District does not collect personal information about individuals without their knowledge. Personal information may be requested when you engage in any of the following online activities:

  • Register on our site to use services available only to registered users;
  • Submit information for content or editorial purposes, such as news items, letters of opinion, press releases;
  • Submit information to the site via a form. This includes activities such as completing a user survey or online application or form.

Use of Personal Information

Personal information submitted will not be transferred to any non-affiliated third parties unless otherwise stated at the time of collection. Alpine School District complies with FERPA and the Utah State Data Protection Act.

When you submit information with our on line forms:

When a user submits personally identifiable information it is used only for the purpose stated at the time of collection. When you use a form on an Alpine School District website or application, we may request your email address or phone number as a unique identifier.

Personal information submitted for content or editorial purposes may be used both on the web site and in publications of The Alpine School District.

Website and App Permission

If a user uses a District website or application download from the google play or ios app store. These sites or apps may request permission to access such services such as:

  • Access to Device location
  • Access to Contact list
  • User Account Info
  • Access to Phone Dialer
  • Wifi connection
  • Device id and call information

For permissions specifically related to our apps. If a use does not wish to allow access for requested permissions they will not be able to use the app.

Anonymous data

While personal information is protected, we sometimes collect anonymous data about your computer’s capabilities and/or your online browsing pattern. This information is used to improve the design of our web site.


Alpine School District may place a small text file, called a “cookie”, in the browser files of your computer. The cookie enables us to track your use of our web site to determine which areas you use most frequently. It enables us to see what portions of the site interest you most, but this is anonymous in nature. That is, it does not contain any personal information about you. Most browsers are initially set to accept cookies. If you prefer, you can set your browser to refuse cookies or to alert you when cookies are being sent. If you choose to not accept cookies, you will not be able to use certain features we offer to registered users. If you choose to be a registered user, you must accept a cookie from us.

Log files

The District uses Internet Protocol (“IP”) addresses to help diagnose problems with our server and to administer our web site. IP addresses are used to gather broad demographic information, such as a visitor’s country, operating system, browser types, frequency of visit, and so on.


The Alpine School District uses industry best practices and takes reasonable precautions to protect your personal information. All user information is restricted to authorized employees. Only employees who need the information to perform a specific task are granted access to personal information. User data  is handled securely, including transmitting it using modern cryptography (for example, over HTTPS).

Contact Information

If you have comments, questions, or concerns about our privacy policy, please contact us in one of the following ways:


575 N 100 E

American Fork, Utah 84003